CMail Server Registration

The evaluation version of CMail Server runs for 14 days from the date of installation. When the demonstration period expires, the program will cease to function until a valid registration name and key are entered to license the application. For more information on registering CMail, please contact Computalynx Sales

Inserting Your Registration Key

  1. Open the Help menu and select Register CMail.

  1. Enter the Username and Key Code as provided by Computalynx. Remember that these details are case sensitive, so ensure that CAPS LOCK is disabled before entering them.
  2. Click OK to complete the registration.
  3. You will need to stop and restart CMail after registration.

Upgrading a User License
A license upgrade can be performed at anytime after the initial purchase. If you decide to upgrade the number of users, you will be issued with a code to update the licensing system. Enter the code in the same manner as you would for registering CMail for the first time. Pricing information on license updates can be obtained from Computalynx Sales.

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