Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing difficulties with CMail Server and your question is not answered here, check the Troubleshooting section.

What is the default Administrator Password to unlock CMail?
The default password is 'asecret' without the quotes. This password is case sensitive.

How long does the evaluation period last?
The CMail evaluation will run for 14 days. At the end of this period, the software will shut down and requires the entry of a valid Key Code to start again. Contact Computalynx Sales for more information.

How do I get CMail to continue running when I close the console?
CMail will only continue to run in the system tray if the application is installed as a service. To install CMail as a service, click File > Install as Service. As a service, CMail will load when the machine is first booted and will remain in the system tray when the console window is closed. To stop CMail running completely (Win 95/98) right-click on the CMail icon and click Exit. Under Windows NT, you will need to stop the service from Control Panel > Services.

How do I add more users to CMail Server?
To add more users to CMail Server, you will need to purchase additional user licenses. Computalynx will provide you with an updated registration code which you can then enter into CMail to increase the number of users/mailboxes.

Which files should I backup when reinstalling CMail?
There are a series of files located in the root of the CMail program directory ending with a .db file extension including users.db, hosts.db and aliases.db. You should copy these files to a safe location before reinstalling CMail Server.

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