Auto Responders

Auto Responder configuration options can be accessed from the Options > Auto Responder menu.

Auto Responders will automatically reply to any email received by a particular user with a pre-defined message whilst the feature is enabled.

To enable an Auto Responder

  1. Highlight a user in the main CMail console panel with the left mouse button.
  2. Click the Options Menu and then Responder Settings.

  1. Check the 'Enable Automatic Response...' checkbox and note that the Message to Send panel becomes white.
  2. Enter the message you wish to send an auto response.
  3. Click the Save button to effect the changes.

Notes: You can enable an Auto Responder from the Options menu of the Web Interface making the operation Administrator independent. Also note that Auto Responders will only respond to mail received from an external source. This is to prevent internal messages from bouncing around the network if two or more responders are enabled at the same time.

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