Network Configuration NT4

TCP/IP Configuration - Windows NT4
TCP/IP, like any other networking protocol, requires configuration before data can be sent across a network successfully. All protocol configuration, including TCP/IP, is done through the networking section of Control Panel.

  1. From Network, click the Protocols tab.
  2. Highlight TCP/IP and click Properties to open the TCP/IP properties menu.
  3. Click on the tab labeled IP Address.

2-6-1.gif (3267 bytes)

CProxy Server: TCP/IP Configuration - NT

  1. Enter the IP Address assigned to this workstation in the IP Address field - e.g.
  2. Enter a subnet mask in the field labeled Subnet Mask - e.g.
  3. Leave the default gateway field blank.
  4. Press OK to complete configuration. You must restart the workstation for the protocol changes to take place.

Testing TCP/IP Communication
When TCP/IP has been installed on two or more workstations, it can be tested by running a MSDOS command prompt, entering PING followed by the return key.

If TCP/IP has been installed correctly, a ping reply like the one shown below will be displayed four times on the screen.

Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

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