The Remote Menu

If CMail has been configured to send and receive email using a Remote Access Service (RAS) device such as a modem or ISDN adapter, a manual connection to the Internet can be initiated by selecting Connect from the Remote Menu.

Selecting Disconnect from the Remote Menu will force CMail to terminate a RAS connection to the Internet. Disconnect will only terminate dialup sessions instigated by CMail Server, not other applications.

Collect Mail
Using Collect Mail is a method of forcing CMail Server to collect POP3 mail from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). CMail will initiate a connection to the POP mail server as specified in the POP3 Options and collect mail.

Send all Queued Mail
Send all queued mail is used to force CMail Server send all outgoing SMTP mail immediately rather than wait for the next mail exchange.

Process Internal Queue
When CMail is used as a mail gateway for an internal SMTP mail server, the queue is processed once every minute. You select this option from the Remote menu to manually start the queue processing routine.

Kick Server
Unfortunately, a problem arises when collecting mail via SMTP (The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). With POP3 mail, any mail bound for your domain is placed in a POP mailbox ready for collection at any time. SMTP mail however, is stored in a queue on the ISP's mail server. At a defined period (usually 15 minutes), the ISP's mail server will attempt to send mail to a static IP address assigned by your ISP. If you are not online, the mail goes back into the mail queue for another 15 minutes.

Kick Server is a method whereby CMail will probe the ISP's mail server effectively notifying it that you are online and ready to receive any email available. SMTP transfer will then take place.

It should be noted that different ISP's use different solutions to resolve problems receiving mail via SMTP. Kick Server may not always be support by your ISP.

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