The Evaluation version of CMail Server is available from the Internet at CMail's installation files are stored in a .zip file format and require a file extractor to unpack them. We recommend Winzip for this purpose. 

Installing from the Internet

  1. Download CMail Server from the Computalynx Website and save the archive to a temporary directory.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the downloaded file.
  3. Double click on the archive filename to open it in Winzip.
  4. Click Install from Winzip's toolbar to unpack the installation files and launch the Setup Wizard.

Installing from CD-ROM
Following the registration of CMail Server, you will receive a copy on CD for backup purposes. To install from CD: 

  1. Place the Computalynx CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive and close the tray.
  2. If your CD is set to Auto Run, the installation menu will load automatically.
  3. Check CMail Server.
  4. Click Install.

If you do not have Auto Run enabled, open Windows Explorer and run cdsetup.exe from the CD drive.

The Setup Wizard
Setup Wizard is the program that installs CMail Server to your computer, makes the relevant taskbar shortcuts and creates the required registry entries.

  1. Once the Setup Program has been launched, you will be presented with a welcome screen. Press Next to continue.
  2. You will then be asked where the program should be installed to. To accept the default directory (recommended), click the Next button. You can change the install directory by clicking Browse an selecting an alternative directory.
  3. The CMail program files will now be copied to your hard drive.
  4. When the file transfer has been completed, the CMail Server program group will be created and installation is complete. It is recommended that you restart the computer at this time.

Running CMail Server for the first time

  1. To run CMail, click on the Windows Start button.
  2. Select Programs and then locate the CMail Server program group.
  3. Click CMail Server to run the application.
  4. CMail will appear as an icon (white envelopes) in the system tray located at the bottom right of the Windows taskbar.
  5. For further information, please see the quick start guide.

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