Trouble Shooting

Login Problems
If you are experiencing problems logging into the Webmail Server with a username and password, there are a number of points you can check determined by the error message you receive:

Invalid Username or Password

  1. CMail Server usernames and passwords are Case Sensitive. In most cases, usernames and passwords are set in lower case so ensure that CAPS LOCK is disabled on the keyboard. 

  2. The Login password field is covered in stars '*' when a password is entered for greater security and there is always the chance that you have inadvertently entered it incorrectly. Try logging in two or three times before reporting the error to the Administrator.

IP Sharing Violation

  • If you do not log-out of the Web Interface cleanly, there is a chance that CMail Server will still think that you are logged in and report an IP sharing violation. Try logging in again later.

If you are still unable to authenticate, contact your CMail Server Administrator for assistance.

CMail Server has an auto-logout facility which automatically logs the user out of the Web Interface after an Administrator defined period (default 10 minutes) of inactivity. This feature is incorporated to increase security should a user forget to logout properly. However, if you spend more than the allowed idle period composing a message, you may be logged out before you have finished. Ask the Administrator to extend the Auto-Logout period.

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