CMail Server 2.4 Web Interface Login

Finding the Login Page
To log into the Web Interface, you need to point your Web Browser at the login page. This is done by typing the IP address or Hostname of the Server running CMail and the Port number the software is listening on into the address box of your browser. These details can be obtained from your CMail Administrator but typical examples would look like: or http://mail:8002/

Once you have entered the address, press Enter to load the Login Page.

Logging into the Web Interface for the first time
Once you have loaded the login screen, you will be presented with a screen with Username field, a Password field, a Login button and a New User button (see fig 45.2.1).

[Web Client: User Login]

  • If you have already been supplied with logon details by the CMail Administrator or have logged into the Web Interface previously enter your username into the Username field and your password into the Password field. Click the Login button to login to the Interface.

  • If you have not been issued with login information, enter your desired username in the Username field (remember that your username makes up the first part of your email address before the '@' sign), enter a password in the Password field and click New User. This process will automatically generate an account on the Web Interface for you** and login to the Interface.

*Warning: The Administrator may restrict new users from signing up to the Web Interface with the New User method to improve security. If this is the case, you will receive an Unknown Username or Password error and you should contact the Administrator for a set of login credentials. The New User system can be disabled by un-checking Allow Users to create accounts on the Configuration > Web User Interface menu.

* Under Windows NT, the Web Interface will check to ensure that the Administrator has not enabled 'Use NT Users Database' on the Configuration > Advanced Users Configuration menu before generating an account. If this option is enabled, the Web Interface will return an error and not create a new account. This is to effectively stop users creating mail accounts with passwords that do not match their NT Username.

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