Web Interface: Navigation

After a successful login...
After a successful login, your browser will be redirected to the Inbox which will display any email you have received. The navigation bar will appear to the left of the screen contained within a grey box (fi
g 45.3.1).

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[Web Client: Navigation]

Compose - Create and send email messages
In-Box - Displays new and received email 
Out-Box - Displays outbound messages
Sent Items - Displays previously sent messages
Private Address Book - Private email contact system
Public Address Book - Public email contact system
Options - Individual Web Interface options
Logout - Logout of the Web Interface

The Navigation Bar remains the same throughout the Interface. The menu item displayed in red shows your current location in the Interface. 

Caution:  Be wary of changing menu while composing a message. The Web Interface relies on forms for user input and changing screens may cause the loss of any text contained in the form fields that has not been submitted.

The In-Box
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