Web Interface: Out-Box

The Out-Box is where the Web Interface keeps mail that is stored in CMail Server's mail queue for delivery to the Internet. If the Administrator has enabled Batch Mail for Delivery (Configuration > Mail Queue Administration), CMail will hold all outbound email in the Outgoing Mail queue until the next defined exchange period*. Once the exchange has taken place the message will be moved from the Out-Box to the Sent Items folder. Mail in the Out-Box cannot be read, it can only be deleted from the folder.

Deleting a message from the Out-Box
Removing mail from the Out-Box is exactly the same procedure as deleting mail from the In-Box. Check the box next to the message you wish to remove and press the Delete button.

Tip: Deleting a message from the Out-Box removes the message from the Mail Queue and stops the message being sent to the Internet. 

*If the email message is addressed to a local recipient i.e. a user on CMail Server, the mail message will be sent immediately regardless of the Batch Mail for Delivery parameter.

Sent Items
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