Web Interface: Private Address Book

Address Books are used by email programs to store information on contacts such as names, email addresses etc. The Web Interface has two address books. Every Web Interface user has a private address book to store contact information that is not accessible to other users. 

Adding a Contact to the Private Address Book

  1. Select Private Address Book from the navigation menu. 

  2. Click the Add Contact hyperlink.

  3. Ensure that Private Contact is selected under Contact type.

  4. Enter the contact details.

  5. Click Add Contact.

Viewing Contact Details
Contacts are stored in the address book alphabetically and you access contact information by clicking on the first letter of their name at the Private Address Book index. For example, a contact called 'Technical Support' will appear under 'T'. Clicking on 'T' will give you a list of all the contacts you have stored under that letter and a brief information summary. 

Tip: Clicking the * symbol will list all of the contacts currently stored in the Private Address Book. This option is not available under the public address book.

Full Details
To view the full details of a contact, click on the hyperlink in the Name field. You delete contacts from the address book at the Full Details screen.

Emailing a Contact
To send an email to a contact directly from the address book, click on the recipient email address hyperlink in the summary details to open the Compose page with the contacts email address inserted in the To field.

Deleting a Contact
To delete a contact from the address book, view the full details of the contact and click Delete to remove the entry from the database.

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