Web Interface: Options

The Options menu allows Web Interface users to define a 'Reply-to' address, i.e. the address that all outgoing mail from that user appears to have been sent from. Users can also specify a Signature which is appended to the bottom of all outgoing mail.

[Web Client: Options]  

Specifying a Reply-To Address

  1. Enter a valid email address into the Reply-To Address field 

  2. Click the Submit button. 

Note: Ensure the address you enter here is valid. If you specify an invalid email address or an address that you do not have access to, you will not receive email replies to the mail you send.

Any text specified in the Signature field is automatically appended to the end of an outgoing email message as it is sent through the Web Interface. 

  1. Enter the desired text into the Signature field 

  2. Click Submit.

The Options menu has a table containing statistics of the amount of mail currently held in the In-Box and Sent Items folder. 

Tip: The Administrator can enable mail quota's which restrict the size of  users mailboxes. Use the statistics on the Options menu to keep track of the amount of mail in your In-Box to prevent the system rejecting mail because your mailbox is full. 

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