Virus Control

Loading an Anti Virus Profile
Before virus scanning can be enabled, CMail needs to be aware of the location of the scanner and the parameters that indicate that the scanner has detected a virus. These options are defined by Virus Detection Profiles that are accessed from the Options > Virus Control menu in CMail Server. 

[Virus Control: Options > Virus Control]

The evaluation version of CMail Server 2.4 is shipped with the F-Prot Anti Virus command line scanner. To enable the F-Prot Profile:

  1. Click Options followed by Virus Control.

  2. Click the Load Profile button located in the bottom left corner.

  3. Select F-Prot.vsp and click Open.

  4. Click OK to leave the Virus Control menu.

  5. Click File followed by Save Settings to complete the configuration.

By default the F-Prot profile is automatically selected when CMail is installed. Use the instructions above if you wish to select a profile for a different AV scanner. CMail 2.4 currently supports F-Prot, McAfee, Sophos, Norton AV 5 and Proland Protector. You can create custom profiles for AV scanners that are not included by default.

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