Virus Control

Custom Profiles
CMail Server uses command line scanners to detect email viruses. If you use a scanner that does not have a profile included in the CMail release package, you may be able to create a custom profile to work with your scanner. Note: CMail interrogates the log files generated by virus scanners to check the results of a file scan. The virus scanner you use must be able to generate log files as a command line option for the custom profile to work correctly.

All Anti Virus profiles are controlled from the Options > Virus Control menu. This includes custom profiles.

  1. Click Options followed by Virus Control.
  2. Enter a name for the custom profile in the Name field.
  3. Enter the full system path to the application that you will use to scan for viruses in the Application to use field.
  4. Enter the parameter to be passed to the virus scanner to create a log or report file.
  5. Enter the parameter to attempt to clean a file if a virus is detected.
  6. Any additional parameters to be passed to the virus scanner can be defined in the Additional Command Line Parameters field.
  7. The report analysis section defines the text that CMail looks for in a virus scanner generated log or report file to check whether or not a virus was detected. Enter the line of text that informs you in the log file whether a virus was detected. It will normally look like: Infected 1.
  8. Enter the text that informs you in the log file whether a virus was removed or cleaned. This will normally look like: Disinfected 1.
  9. Click Save Profile.
  10. Enter a profile name and click OK to save the custom profile. 

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