Virus Control

To detect and disinfect the latest viruses, you will need to periodically update the Anti Virus definitions. This is done from the Options > Virus Control menu.

Updating Virus Definitions
Virus definitions are data descriptions that instruct anti virus engines on how to scan for the latest viruses. As new viruses are found, they are incorporated into the definitions files. These new definitions need to be downloaded to keep your virus scanner up to date. This update can be done manually or automatically by CMail Server.

Performing a Manual Update

  1. Click Options followed by Virus Control.

  2. Click Update.

  3. Click Update on the Virus Scanner Updates menu.

CMail will ask you to confirm if you wish to check for AV updates. Click Yes to perform the check or No to abort. If new definitions are found, they will be downloaded and applied to virus scanner.

Automatically Updating Virus Definitions
When enabled, CMail Server will check for Virus Definition updates by checking back to the Computalynx AV Updates server every time a mail exchange is performed. If an update is located, CMail will download the update and apply it to the AV scanner automatically.

  1. Click Options followed by Virus Control.

  2. Click Update.

  3. Check Automatically check for updates

  4. Click OK.

Note: If have not purchased the AV version of CMail Server 2.4 or are using a third party Anti Virus engine, the updates feature is disabled. Running a manual AV updates scan is a good test for ensuring that the automatic updates system is working correctly. If you receive a message stating 'Invalid Login...' you will need to contact Computalynx for further information and assistance.

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