All Mail is sent to the Administrator when collecting via POP3

When CMail Server collects mail from an Internet Service Provider, all of the collected mail goes to the Administrator inbox and is not distributed correctly.

Some ISP's mail servers may add fields to the message headers when forwarding mail for a domain name to a single POP3 account distorting the true recipient of the message. In some cases, the 'TO' field is replaced completely forcing CMail to send the message to the Administrator as the modified 'TO' field is not a valid CMail user.

As of build 17, CMail Server now incorporates Advanced Mail Sorting Options (Configuration > POP3 Configuration > Advanced). By default, CMail will attempt to resolve the mail recipient by the 'TO' field of the message. If all external mail is sent to the Administrator, use Advanced Sorting options to specify the recipient fields that CMail Server will look for when processing messages. You may need to experiment with these options to determine which combination works with your Internet Service

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