Erratic results when using the Web Interface client through a proxy server.

Erratic results when CMail Server WebMail is used in conjunction with a proxy server on the same Local Area Network. Examples include: only one user is visible in the WebMail Logged In Users display panel, another users inbox, outbox or options settings page is displayed in place of the users own etc.

All users connected to the LAN send their Internet traffic through the proxy server and therefore appear to come from the same IP address - i.e. that of the proxy server. WebMail relies on knowing the IP address of the client in order to check the state of the user. This of course, is masked by the proxy server. 

Under 'Proxy Exceptions' in proxy settings section of the client Web Browser (Netscape & Internet Explorer), place an exception for the IP address of the workstation running CMail Server followed by a colon ':' and the port number WebMail listens to. For example The client Web Browser will then make a direct connection to WebMail, bypassing the proxy server and reporting the real IP address of the client.

Authentication by Cookies can also be enabled from the Web User Interface to counter this problem but cookies can be unreliable.

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