CMail Server will not create an Internet connection with SCM while CProxy Server is running.

CMail Server will not connect to the Internet when sharing SCM as a connection source with CProxy Server. Any attempt to connect from CMail results in the message box asking if SCM should connect to the Internet, even when a connection has already been established.

Changes to the methods used by Windows to handle messages have forced changes to the ways in which CMail, CProxy and SCM communicate and issue keep alive requests. The applications now communicate using socket connections on ports 5001, 5002 & 5003. The start order of the applications has been altered. 

The start order of the applications has been altered. It is now necessary to start applications in the order of: SCM - CProxy - CMail. If the applications are started as services, this start order is automatically carried out. The latest version of SCM should also be installed. At the time of writing, this is v1.3. 

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