Quick Start Wizard

The Setup Wizard provides allows for simple configuration of CMail Server and can be accessed from the Help > Setup Wizard > Basic Configuration menu.

Step 1
To continue past the first screen, you need to know how CMail Server will connect to the Internet. If you use a modem you will also need to know the username and password required to connect (ask your Internet Service Provider if you are unsure).

Once you have these details, check the two boxes and click Next.

Step 2 - Choose your Internet Connection Method
In this step, you instruct CMail on how it will connect to the Internet.

If you use a Modem or ISDN Adapter check Use Remote Access to connect to the Internet. You should then select the Phone book entry that corresponds to your Internet Service Provider and then enter your username and password to connect in the fields immediately below. Click OK when you are ready to move on.

If you use a Router or other Permanent connection such as a leased line or Cable Modem, check User Router or LAN to connect to the Internet and click OK to proceed.

Step 3 - Domain Name Configuration
In step 3, you will enter your email domain name into CMail Server. If you do not know your domain name, check with your ISP. Once you are ready, click I know my Email Domain name... and click Next to proceed.

Enter the domain name into the New Host/Domain field and click Add. Click OK to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - SMTP Configuration
The next two steps require that you know your Internet Service Providers SMTP server, POP3 server and POP3 username and password. You should obtain these details from your ISP before proceeding.

SMTP is used to send email from CMail to the Internet. When you have the SMTP server details, click 'I know the name of my Internet Service Providers SMTP server' and press Next.

Enter the name of the SMTP server into the SMTP Host field and click OK.

Step 5 - POP3 Configuration
POP3 is often used to collect mail from your ISP. To complete this step, you will need to know your ISP's POP3 server, your mailbox username and password. When you have all three sets of details, check the relevant boxes on the Wizard and click Next.

Enter the POP3 server name into the POP3 Host field. Enter the Mailbox username into the Username field and the mailbox password into the Password field. Click OK to complete the wizard.

Once you have completed the Setup Wizard, you will receive a confirmation dialog box. Press OK to complete the configuration. The basic configuration topics in the index of the manual will be able to assist you with setting up users and other configuration options.

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