Advanced User Configuration

The Advanced User Configuration features can be accessed from the Configuration menu.

Advanced User Configuration has been designed for the mass importation of new users into CMail Server using either a file or from the Windows NT users database.

Importing a User from Windows NT (Windows NT only)

  1. Open the Advanced User Configuration menu by clicking Configuration > Advanced User Configuration.
  2. Users known to the NT Users database will appear in the Defined NT Users pane on the left side of the menu.
  3. Highlight the user you wish to import into CMail with the left mouse button and click the Add button.
  4. One of the Unused Licenses will be converted into a mail account with the username and password which match that of the NT user imported.

Note: If you enable Use NT Users Database for all accounts and a user who has not yet had a mailbox created for them logs in with a valid Windows NT username and password, CMail will automatically create a mail account for that user.

Removing a Windows NT user from CMail (Windows NT only)

  1. Open the Advanced User Configuration menu by clicking Configuration > Advanced User Configuration.
  2. Select the user you wish to remove from the CMail Users list and click Delete.
  3. The user will be removed from CMail.

Note: CMail Server only authenticates against the NT Users Database, it does not make any changes to this database. Changes to usernames and passwords must be made through the User Managers for Domains tool and then the user re-imported into CMail.

Importing Users from a File  

Overwrite Existing Users
Checking this box when importing users from a file will overwrite any existing user details, except the Administrator account.

Select file to import users from
Use this option to located the file to import users from. The file must have the following format:

Name Max Size Quoted Required
Full Name 30 Chars No Yes
Username 20 Chars No Yes
Password 20 Chars No Yes
Home Dir 200 Chars No Optional - field must exist but can be blank

This format file can be produced by popular spreadsheets and databases. If the Home Dir field is left blank the CMail Server will set the users home directory to the following place: {Install Directory}\spool\{Username} where the items in bold are your settings on your system.

Once you have located the file press the Import users button to complete the import of users.

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