CMail Server
S/W Version: 2.4.7
Doc Revision:2.4.

Welcome! This guide has been written to help you install, configure and maintain CMail Server 2.4 on your Windows 95, 98 or NT4 system. If you have just purchased CMail Server, please take a moment to complete your warranty and registration form and return it to Computalynx to activate your six months technical support and product updates.

Installation Topics
CMail Server Overview

Network Configuration  
Installing/Running CMail Server for the first time

Configuration Topics
Setup Wizard
Quick Start
Configuring CMail to Accept Mail for a Domain Name
Configuring the Internet Connection
Configuring CMail to Send Mail (SMTP Options)
Configuring CMail to Receive Mail (POP3 Options) 
Adding a User to CMail Server (User Preferences) 
Setting up an Email Client
Registering CMail Server
Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Topics
Advanced User Configuration
Advanced User Preferences  
Adding a Windows NT User to CMail Server
Auto Responders
Auto Signature
Content Control
Global Address Book
Logging Options
Mail Filtering
Mail Queue Administration & Timed Operations  
Mail Relay (Anti-Spam)
Mailing Lists
SMTP Rulesets 
Using CMail as a POP3 Gateway (Remote Connector Mode)
Virus Control
Web Interface Administration
Web Interface Client

The File Menu
The Remote Menu
The Options Menu
The Configuration Menu
The Display Menu
The Help Menu
Troubleshooting CMail Server  
How do I... ? 
Contacting Support

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