CProxy Server Overview

Minimum Server Specification:
Pentium P75 or 100% Compatible
16 MB RAM, 20 MB Free Disk Space
Windows 95B, 98 or NT 4 Service Pack 4
Network Configured with TCP/IP
An Internet Connection

The concept of a Proxy Server - an application which allows several network workstations to connect to the Internet through a single connection source should it be a modem, ISDN connection or leased line.

CProxy Server is a Windows based, caching proxy server solution designed to run on Windows 95, 98 or NT4 (Service Pack 4+) and provides access to: HTTP (The World Wide Web), NNTP (Newsgroups), Telnet, POP3 (Incoming Email), SMTP (Outgoing Email), SOCKS5, FTP and a number of other protocols. Client connections may vary from Acorn Computers to Macs or PC's running Windows 3.11 to Windows NT.

Easy to use Graphical User Interface

Key Features of CProxy Server include:

HTTP Caching - Caching means that when a website is accessed by a user, a copy of the downloaded material is made on the CProxy Server and stored its cache. Should the page be requested at a later time, the page is served directly from the servers cache as opposed to going online. Should the cache size reach 90 percent of its allowed size, an expiry cycle will clear down the cache to a manageable size starting with the oldest items.

Content Filtering - With the increasing number of sites containing content which may be undesirable to certain groups and individuals, CProxy Server now supports content filtering. The content filtering feature allows web pages to be filtered out. Instead of receiving the requested page, the user is served a restricted URL page informing them that the requested page could not be retrieved. Enabling word filtering forces CProxy to scan a page for a group of restricted words. If any restricted words are found, the Administrator can forced a number of actions including - censoring the word with '*' signs, denying the page completely, recording an entry in the restricted words violation log and locking the users proxy account.

Virus Control - CProxy will scan incoming files and content for the presence of viruses and disinfect them when detected.

Windows RAS Integration - CProxy integrates seamlessly with the Windows RAS (Remote Access Service) subsystem allowing an existing dial-up connection to be imported and used by the application. Connections via a LAN/Router or Computalynx SCM are also supported

ISP Independence - CProxy allows the use of private IP addresses on the Local Area network it is attached to providing a greater degree of flexibility for users with permanent connections as workstation IP addresses can be assigned in-house without the restrictions an Internet Service Provider might impose. Security is also increased as only the CProxy Server is ever connected to the Internet minimizing the possibilities of intrusion.

User Logins - CProxy users can be supplied with a username and password and be forced to 'log in' to the server to gain Internet Access. User Login's provide more accurate auditing and accounting information as the protocols, websites accessed and time-online can all be tracked to an individual username instead of an IP address which can be inaccurate if a workstation is used by a large number of different people. When installed on Windows NT, CProxy will use the Windows NT Users Database for its user information once a user has been imported. (Under Windows 95/98, usernames and passwords must be created by the Administrator).

Individual Profiles - All users in CProxy have their own individual user profile. Profiles can be modified individually or bunched together to create a group so that changes to the group profile will affect all profiles contained within the group - thus granting the Administrator the ability to completely control Internet activity on a user by user basis.

User Restrictions include:

  • The ability to restrict user access to any protocol.
  • Control over access time periods from days of the week to times of the day.
  • Restrictions of Web URL addresses.
  • Administrator specified user online time allocation.
  • Complete auditing of individual user actions on all the supported  protocols in an easy to understand 'tree' structure including times, dates and the server and protocols accessed.

CProxy Server is available on 14 day evaluation from http://www.computalynx.net

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