Quick Start Guide

After installation, CProxy Server requires minimal configuration to get the application up and running with client workstations able to browse the Web.

Unlocking CProxy Server
CProxy Server is protected by an Administrator password to prevent un-authorised tampering with the system settings. To configure the application, you must first unlock it.

  • Double click on the CProxy Server Icon in the system tray.
  • Click Security and then select Unlock.

CProxy Server: Unlocking CProxy Server

  • Enter the default Administrator password - 'asecret' in the field labelled Admin Password and press the OK button to continue.

Installing the CProxy Service
Once unlocked, you should install CProxy Server as a system service which allows the application to run when the console window is closed. Installing as a service also allows the application to load by default when Windows is first booted.

  • Click File and select Install as Service.

12-1.gif (2048 bytes)

CProxy Server: Installing CProxy as a Service

  • Confirmation will be displayed on the screen.

Installing CProxy as a service is imperative when using Windows NT as it allows the application to interact with the Operating System including authenticating users against the NT User Database.

Setting Remote Access
CProxy Server needs to be told how it will make a connection to the Internet. You should have a pre-configured Windows Dial-Up Networking Entry ready at this point if you connect using a modem or ISDN Adapter.

  • Select Configuration and select Remote Access.
  • Select the connection method supported by your computer by clicking the necessary radio box.

CProxy Server: Remote Access

  • If your computer uses a LAN/Router or a connection through Computalynx SCM, no further configuration is required for remote access.
  • If however you use a Dial-Up device attached to the CProxy Server to make an Internet connection, you should select the necessary entry from the Phonebook Entry drop down menu.
  • Enter the Dial-Up entry username and passwords in the relevant fields and press OK to continue.
  • Click File and select Save Settings to write your configuration changes to disk.

Web Browser Configuration
In order to browse the World Wide Web, you will need to provide information on the location of the CProxy Server on your Local Area Network to your web-browser. To configure Internet Explorer 4:

  • Click on the View Menu in Internet Explorer and select Internet Options.
  • Click the Connection tab.
  • Under the Connection Area, select the radio box labeled Connect to the Internet using a local area network.

CProxy Server: Configuring Internet Explorer 4

  • Under the Proxy Server area on the same tab check the box labeled Access the Internet using a proxy server.
  • Enter the IP Address of the Workstation running CProxy Server in the Address box and a port number of 8080 in the Port field.
  • Press Apply followed by OK to complete configuration.

Typing a known Website address in the Address field of the web-browser will force CProxy Server to connect to the Internet and download the requested page.

Please note that if you are using a remote access connection, there may be a delay of up to two minutes whilst a connection is established.

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