Main Window Overview

CProxy Server has been designed to remove the complications associated with proxy servers and allow a non-IT professional the chance to administrate such a system in a simple to use, point & click environment.

All of the System Options are available by clicking on the various menu bars located at the top of the screen. For more information on these, please see the Glossary Section.

CProxy Server: Main Console Window

Cache Capacity
The cache capacity graph shows the usage as a percentage of the cache space allocated by the Administrator. As more sites are accessed and downloaded into cache, bars on the graph will change colour as more space is used. When the cache level exceeds 90% of capacity, the automatic cache clear down will start and remove the oldest items first and continue to remove cached items until the level drops below 90%.

Cache Hits
This graph represents the number of items retrieved from the cache as a percentage of the total number of items requested.

Items in Cache
Shows the amount of files currently stored in the cache directory.

The throughput counter displays the amount of data currently passing through CProxy Server to the Internet. Throughput is displayed in Bytes.

Display Timer
The display counter has a dual-purpose. When CProxy Server uses a permanent connection or is not connected to the Internet at the present moment, CProxy will display the current time in this field. When CProxy connects to the Internet via a Modem or ISDN adapter, the display timer will show the amount of time in minutes and seconds before CProxy disconnects due to inactivity (default 3 minutes).

Status Bar
The Status bar displays the task that CProxy Server is currently performing. This can be supplemented by the CProxy Logging Window which is available from the Utilities menu.

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