Advanced Cache Options

Cache 0 Content Length Items
When this feature is enabled, CProxy will cache items that have a zero byte content length such as hit counters or some ASP pages. We recommend that you disable this option.

Cache Query Items
Caching Query Items means that CProxy will cache HTTP queries.

Exclude Sites from Cache
Any sites listed in the 'Exclude sites from cache' panel will not stored in the cache folder. CProxy will return to the origin server every time a request is made for the site and deliver the content to the requesting browser. To add a site to the exclusions list, type the name in the field directly below the Exclusions panel e.g. and click the 'Add' button. Note: You do not need to include the 'http://'. To remove a site from the exclusions list, highlight the site name and click 'Delete'.

Cache File Types
CProxy Server will cache files with extensions that are listed in the Cached File Types panel. To cache other files such as .wav, enter the file extension in the field directly below the Cached File Types panel and click 'Add'. These files will be cached when the proxy server is restarted. To remove a file extension, highlight the required extension and click 'Delete'.

Relay requests to next stage proxy server
Some Internet Service Providers allow clients to access a proxy server on their network to speed up Internet access. If your ISP offers such as service, you can configure CProxy to send all requests to the next stage proxy server by checking this box and configuring the Hostname and port fields with the necessary information (provided by the ISP).

Enter the Internet Hostname or IP address of your ISP's proxy server/ webcache into this field. This information will be provided for you by your Internet Service Provider.

Enter the port number of the upstream proxy server into the port field. This information will be provided for you by your Internet Service Provider.

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