The Configuration Menu

Remote Access
Selecting the Remote Access option will open the RAS configuration menu and allow you to specify how CProxy Server will connect to the Internet. Supported connection methods include Router/LAN connections, Computalynx SCM and modem/ISDN connections through Windows Dial-Up Networking.

User Profiles
User Profiles allows you to setup individual profiles for each user of the proxy server such as time allocation, content restrictions and accessible protocols. You can also enable the User Logins from this menu to force proxy users to supply a username and password to access the system.

Security Settings
The Security Settings menu allows you to configure IP address restrictions to prevent unauthorised Internet users from accessing your proxy server.

Virus Control
CProxy Server's Anti-Virus facilities are controlled from the Virus Control sub-menu. Options include the type of files to be scanned, the virus scanner to be used and actions to be performed when a virus has been detected.

Manager Console
The Manager Console can be used by bespoke applications to pass commands to CProxy Server such as login, add user etc. More information on these commands is available from Computalynx Development.

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