Remote Access Options

Internet Access
The radio buttons located under Internet Access allow you specify the connection type that will be used by the proxy server:

  • Use Remote Access to Connect to the Internet: Use this option when the computer running CProxy Server is directly connected to a modem/ISDN adapter. CProxy will use the Windows Phonebook entry you select from the Phonebook Entry list.
  • Use Computalynx Scheduler/Connection Manager: Select this option if you have Computalynx SCM installed on the same machine as CProxy Server. The remaining options will be greyed out as SCM will regulate the dial-up connection.
  • Use a Router or Permanent Connection: When this option is selected, CProxy will send Internet traffic via the default system gateway which will normally point to a router or other Internet access device.
  • Use RAS through CMail Server: Selecting this option will instruct CProxy Server to pass all RAS requests to CMail Server when both applications are installed on the system without the need for SCM. Please note that you must be using CMail Server 2.4.5 or above for this facility to work correctly.

Remote Access Settings
If you have elected to use Windows Dial-Up Networking (RAS) to establish an Internet Connection, you will need to tell the proxy server which phonebook entry to use and also supply and username and password pair for authentication.

  • Phonebook Entry: This is the connection that CProxy will attempt to dial.
  • Username: Enter the username supplied by your Internet Service Provider to connect to the Internet in this field.
  • Password: Enter the password supplied by your Internet Service Provider to connect to the Internet in this field.

Modem Control
Modem Control defines the timeout periods that CProxy Server will send to the modem when it attempts to make an Internet connection. Once connected, these options also define how long the proxy server will stay online.

  • Allow X Seconds for Modem to Connect: When CProxy requests an Internet connection, it will wait for the amount of time specified here for Windows to report that it has connected successfully. If no such message is received when the timer expires, CProxy will abort the connection attempt and instruct Windows to try again. The default value is 120 seconds. 
  • Retry X Times if Modem connection Fails: If the Internet connection on the first attempt, CProxy will instruct Windows to retry the connection the number of times specified in this field. The default retry value is three times.
  • Allow X Seconds between retries: If the Internet Connection fails on the first attempt, CProxy will wait the number of seconds specified here before instructing Windows to try again. The default value is 5 seconds.
  • Allow X minutes inactivity before disconnect: This value specifies the amount of time that CProxy Server will remain online before dropping the Internet connection. The default value is 5 minutes. Note: CProxy Server works on an inactivity timer. If there is no Internet activity for 5 minutes, the connection will be terminated. If there is activity, the timer will be refreshed back to 5 minutes (or whatever the value has been modified to).

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