Virus Control

CProxy Server has the ability to scan incoming files for the presence of viruses using almost any command line Anti-Virus scanner. CProxy Server 3.4 AV is shipped with the F-Prot AV scan engine. 

The Virus Control Menu is spread across two menu tabs. The first tab tells CProxy Server which anti-virus scanner to use and the second tab defines the actions that will be performed when a virus is discovered.

Virus Scanner Tab
The Virus Scanner Tab specifies which virus scanner will be used and the parameters that are required to inform the proxy server that virus has been detected in a file.

Virus Detection Profiles
All of the information that is required by CProxy to use a virus scanner is contained in profiles. CProxy is shipped with profiles for several of the popular AV scan engines although you can create custom profiles. Existing profiles can be loaded by clicking the Load Profile button.

Creating a Custom Profile
You can create your own profiles for use with any command line AV scanner so long as the scanner has the ability to generate report files.

Once you have created a profile, use the Save Profile button to save your AV profile to disk.

Updating Anti-Virus Definitions
If you have purchased CProxy Server AV, you are entitled to use the Computalynx Definitions Update service which is accessible on the Update Virus Scanner menu by clicking the Update button. Click Update on the Update Virus Scanner menu and CProxy Server will attempt to download the latest AV definitions. If you would CProxy Server to check for new virus definitions every time it connects to the Internet, check Update Automatically. Please note that if you do not have CProxy Server AV, the updates menu will not be accessible.

The actions that CProxy Server will perform when a virus is detected are defined on the Files/Actions tab.

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