User Profiles (Introduction)

Every computer that connects to CProxy Server has a profile. If the computer is connecting to the proxy server for the first time, then a profile is automatically created for the computer based on its IP address. By using profiles, the CProxy Administrator can completely control that computer's Internet access by placing restrictions on access times, protocols and content control. As each profile is unique, CProxy can also give a complete audit trial of the workstations activity on the Internet.

Profile functionality is extended further when the 'Enable Login' feature is enabled. Enable Login switches CProxy Server from accepting passive logins (workstation profiles) to active logins. With active logins, each individual user has a profile that will follow them around the network so they will receive the same rights and restrictions regardless of the workstation they use to access the Internet. When active logins are enabled, the user must supply a username and password to access the proxy server. 

Under Windows NT or Windows 2000, the Administrator may import users directly from the NT Database into CProxy Server allowing the user to use the same logon credentials to access the Internet as they would use to logon to the local network. Under Windows 9x, the administrator must create user profiles the users can specify their own passwords when they login to the proxy server for the first time.

Once a profile has been created, you can then customise that profile to suit the type of user. For example, you could restrict the access time from 24 hours to 4 hours on a Tuesday afternoon. In this manner, you can also set the protocols that the user may access and setup content control rules so that only certain content may be added.

In larger environments where many users share the same profile settings and restrictions, it may be wise to include such profiles into a group. User groups in CProxy Server work in the same manner that groups do under most operating systems, in other words, changes made to the group profile will affect all members of that group.

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