User Profiles (Users/Groups Configuration)
Before proceeding, please read the Introduction to User Profiles guide.

User Profiles menu with User Profiles (Active Logins)

Enable Login (User Profiles)
The Enable Login button is used to switch CProxy Server from passive logins (IP profiles) to active logins (user profiles). When you use this facility, you will notice that all of the IP address profiles in the window above 'User Details' will disappear. Furthermore, when a user attempts to connect to the Internet, they will be asked to provide a username and password to connect. You will need to create some User profiles before anyone can access the Internet.

User profiles can either be created by the administrator in the CProxy user database or under Windows NT and 2000, users may be imported into CProxy Server from the NT user database allowing users to access the Internet with their normal network login details. 

Users that have been created in the CProxy user database are represented by a green user icon in the user profiles menu. Imported NT users are represented by a blue icon.

User created in CProxy Server
User imported from NT Database 

Creating a New Profile
Creating a new User Profile is similar to creating a workstation profile but rather than typing an IP address, you enter a username into the 'User Details' field instead. When you click the 'Add User' button, a new profile will be created from the default profile and appear in the window directly above the User Details field. When you create a new user in this manner the password for the new profile is the same as the password for the default profile which is 'asecret'. 

Changing a User's Password 
By default, each new user added to the CProxy User database that is not imported from the NT Users database has a default password of 'asecret'. As the Administrator, you can enable the 'User must change password' feature which means when a user accesses the system for the first time, they will be presented with a web page where they can enter the new password as required. Alternatively, you can set the password for the user by highlighting the user profile and then clicking the 'Change Password' button. You will be prompted to enter the old password (default of 'asecret') and then enter the new user password. The user profile is updated as soon as you click the 'Save' button.

Creating a New Profile from the NT Database
If CProxy Server is running on Windows NT or 2000, you can import users from the NT users database into the CProxy Server database. Click the 'Authenticate on NT Database'  checkbox and the Windows NT Users window will change from grey to white. Highlight the NT User you wish to import and click the 'Import' button. The newly created user will appear in the list of defined users on the left. 

Note: NT Users can only be imported while the 'Authenticate on NT Database' checkbox is ticked although existing NT profiles will continue to authenticate against the NT database when this option is disabled.

Deleting a User Profile
To delete any kind of profile from CProxy Server whether it be IP or User, highlight the required profile in the left window and click 'Delete'.

Groups under CProxy Server can be used when many user or IP profiles need to share the same settings and restrictions. Any changes that are made to the group profile are also made to any profiles that are a member of that group. For example, if 'User1' and 'User2' are members of group 'Staff' and Internet access on a Saturday is restricted on the group profile, 'User1' and 'User2' will no longer be able to access the Internet on a Saturday.

Before you can add a user to a group, you must first create it. Type in the name of the new group into the 'User Details' field and click the 'Add Group' button. The group will now appear with the rest of the user profiles in the left window.

Adding a profile to a group
To add a user to a group, first highlight the group in the left window so that the 'Current Group' window on the right changes to 'Group Selected - Your Group Name'.  You should then highlight the profile to be added to the group and click the 'Add' located next to the Group Members window. The profile will now appear in the Group Members window.

Removing a profile from a group
Remove a profile from a group by first selecting the group from the window on the left, selecting the profile to be removed from the 'Group Members' panel on the right, and clicking Delete.

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