User Profiles (Edit User Profile)
Before proceeding, please read the Introduction to User Profiles guide.

Edit User Profile Menu

The Edit User Profile menu is where the Administrator can place restrictions on a user/group/workstation profile including the day/time of access, the amount of time the user may spend online and the protocols the user may access. These options can be set on a per profile basis by highlighting the profile on the left and then altering the settings as necessary. When you have completed entering the settings, be sure to click Save so the changes are saved to disk.

Idle time for Login
After a profile has logged into CProxy Server be it a user or workstation profile, it has a minimum idle logout time which is defined in the 'Idle Time for Login'. This means that if the user does not request any data from the Internet before this counter reaches zero, the profile will automatically be logged out of the proxy server so that the license may be used by another user/workstation. Please note that the minimum idle time is five minutes.

Access Times
The Access Times group allows you to define during which times of the day the selected profile can access the Internet. If the checkbox labelled 24 Hours is ticked, then the user can access the Internet at any time on this day. If you uncheck this box, you can then specifiy time periods of the day that the user can access: e.g. 10:00:00 Until 11:00:00 would mean that the user can access between 10 and 11 in the morning but at no other time. You can set access periods for different days of the week by selecting the relevant day from the Day of Week field, setting the time period required and then clicking the Add button. Entries may be removed from the table by highlighting them and clicking Remove.

Permitted Protocols
The Permitted Protocols group allows you to specify which Internet protocols the profile can access. To deny a protocol, uncheck the relevant box.

HTTP: The World Wide Web
HTTP FTP: FTP Access through a Web Browser
NNTP: Newsgroups
Real FTP: FTP Access through an FTP Program like CuteFTP
Telnet: Telnet Access - used to control remote computers.
Mapped Ports: Access to any port maps in the TCP or UDP mapper.
SMTP: Outgoing Mail.
POP3: Incoming Mail.
SOCKS: Protocol for transversing firewalls.

Access Days
Allows you to specify the days of the week that the profile can access the proxy server. This overrides the timeslots in Access Times.

Enable Debug
Enables verbose logging for troubleshooting purposes. We recommend that you disable this option.

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