User Profiles (User Accounting)
Before proceeding, please read the Introduction to User Profiles guide.

Edit User Profile Menu

CProxy Server provides an Administrator with the ability to learn about their users actions on the Internet. This includes the amount of data sent and received through the proxy server, the protocols and Internet sites accessed and most importantly, who they were accessed by. Users are selected by highlighting them in the panel on the left side of the tab.

Account Reporting
The account reporting section specifies the amount of time a user has been online, the amount of data sent to the Internet and the amount of data received from the Internet. A cost can be assigned to each of these fields, the total of which is given in the field labelled Total Cost. The total cost counters can be reset by clicking the Reset button. To disable accounting, uncheck the box labelled Enable Accounting.

Activity Icon
When the icon flashes, this profile has logged into the proxy server and occupies a slot in the licensing table.

Time Allocation
By default, all users have unlimited time on the Internet. This can be restricted by changing the value in the Allowed x mins total field to another value (in minutes). Once the specified value has been reached, the users account is automatically locked to prevent further access. At this point the Account Locked checkbox becomes available and the Administrator must check this box to unlock the users account.

Audit Trail
User Auditing provides the Administrator with information on which protocols the user accessed, the date of access, the server contacted and the files retrieved. To view an audit trail;

  • Highlight the required user in the panel on the left side of the User Profiles menu.
  • Click the Expand Trail button to open the CProxy Audit Window.
  • Navigate through the Audit Window as you would through Windows Explorer - i.e items with a '+' can be expanded to reveal further information.
  • The users name or workstation IP address is listed first at the top left of the screen. Double clicking the name will reveal the dates upon which the user has accessed the Internet. Further clicking will reveal the protocols, sites and items accessed.

Current Selection
If the user has accessed a website and you have highlighted that website within the trail, the View and Add buttons become available. Clicking View will load the selected site into your web-browser for you to look at. Selecting a Content Control List from the drop down menu and then clicking Add will add the selected site to the banned list.

Report Printing
If you wish to print a report of the trail, this can be done by either saving the trail to a file or printing it out on paper. To save the trail to a file, click File and then select the location you wish to save the report to. To print a report, click the Printer button, select the printer and press OK to print the report to paper. Checking the Include Summary Information checkbox will include summary information about the session in report. Checking Full Detail Report will include all available details within the report.

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