User Profiles (Internet Site Control)
Before proceeding, please read the Introduction to User Profiles guide.

Internet Site Control Menu

nternet Site Control is designed to prevent users from accessing resources on the World Wide Web which may have undesirable content through the use of lists. Lists can be assigned to each individual user with the Administrator deciding whether the user should be granted or denied access to sites in that particular list.

Default Action
The default action radio box specifies whether the selected user will be granted access to all websites except the ones listed in the ban lists or denied access to all sites except those included in an allow list. For more information on lists, see Creating a New List.

Creating a New List

To create a new list;

  • Press the Create List button.

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CProxy Server: Creating a Banned List

  • Enter a name for the list in the List Name field.
  • Specify, by selecting the appropriate button, whether the list should be accessible or restrictive.
  • Enter the address of the website to be added to the list in the field labeled Internet site address to add excluding the http://
  • Click Add to add the site to the newly created list.
  • Click Save to exit the menu.

To edit an existing list;

  • Highlight the list to be modified in the Available Lists window.
  • Click Edit List.
  • Add or delete the relevant list entry.
  • Click Save to complete the modification.

To delete an existing list;

  • Highlight the relevant list in the Available List window.
  • Click the Delete button to remove the list.

Allocating a list to a User, Group or Workstation IP Address

  • Highlight the User, Group or Workstation IP address the list will be allocated to from the list on the left.
  • Highlight the list to be allocated from the Available Lists window.
  • Click Add to allocate the list.

Content Support Program
Every month, Computalynx will release lists containing websites which have been evaluated by moderators and included in ban lists under several categories including pornography and violence amongst others. Please see the Content Support program section of for further information.

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