User Profiles (Content Control)
Before proceeding, please read the Introduction to User Profiles guide.

Content Control Menu

Content Control is designed to prevent users from accessing web pages which have words that have been banned by the Administrator in them. The Administrator can specify how CProxy Server will react when such a page is requested. The list of banned words appears in the Banned Words window.

Enabling Content Control
Content Control is disabled by default and is activated on an individual user, group or IP basis. To activate Content Control;

  • Select the user, group or workstation for which Content Control will be enabled by highlighting the relevant profile in the left panel.
  • Click Enable Content Control.
  • You should then specify the actions that CProxy will take when the user accesses a page with a banned word on it by checking the relevant boxes in the Action to Perform section. Possible actions are;
Censor words with *'s Any banned words will be covered over with the asterisk '*' sign and the page served to the user.
Log Site and User An entry will be made in the Content log including the username or workstation IP address and the page accessed.
Deny Entire Page CProxy will block the page from the user and return a 'restricted URL' error to the web browser.
Lock Workstation The offenders CProxy account will be locked and will requiring the Administrator to unlock the account.
Add to Auto-Ban list Adds the site to a list called 'Auto-Ban' which will automatically be created in the Internet Site Control panel. The Auto-ban list can be added to a user profile in the same manner as any other content list. Log Site & User must be checked to use this feature.
Display in Log Window Displays an 'banned word' alert in the CProxy Logging Window containing the username or IP address of the offending workstation and the banned word.
  • Click the Match Word button.
  • Click Save to complete the setup.

Manipulating the Banned Words List
New words can be added to the banned words list as well as existing entries deleted or edited by the Administrator.

To add a word, enter it into the field directly under the total and click Add Word to make the word appear in the list.

Delete a word by highlighting it in the Banned Words list and clicking Delete Word.

Edit a word by highlighting it in the Banned Words list, modifying the word in the field directly below the word total counter and then clicking the Add Word button.

Match Word
When the Match Word button is pressed, CProxy will look for banned words in the web page exactly as they appear in the list. If Match Word is not enabled, CProxy will ban a page if a banned word appears within larger word. It is recommended that when using Content Control, Match Word is enabled.

Viewing the Content Log
If Log Site and User is checked, any violations of the Content Control policy will appear in the Content Log. This log displays the date, time and site that was accessed along with the user or IP address that accessed the site. In order to save the Administrator time, all violations are recorded to the same log file. To view the content log, click View in the Content Log section. To delete the content log, click the Delete button.

Banned File Types
Banned File Types allows you to prevent users from downloading files with extensions that are specified in the list. To ban a specific file type, enter the extension and then click the Add button. Any attempts to download these files will result in an error message being displayed in the browser. To remove an entry, highlight it and click Delete.

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