User Profiles

The User Profiles feature is one of the most powerful in CProxy Server. It allows the Administrator to define Internet access, protocol access, and content control on a per user, per group or per workstation basis. Before proceeding, we recommend that you read the Introduction to User Profiles.

When you access the User Profiles menu, you will have the choice of six tabs. For a description of each tab and the actions that can be performed, click on the links below.

Users/Group Configuration (Workstation Profiles)
Users/Group Configuration (User Profiles)
Edit User Profile
User Accounting
Internet Site Control
Content Control
Content/Expire Exclusions

Please Note that incorrectly configured profiles can lead to access problems that can be difficult to trace. Please read each section of the manual carefully before making changes any profile. It is also worth noting that any changes made to the default profile will apply to any new profiles created after the changes were made.

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