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Install as Service
Install as Service installs CProxy Server as a service on your system. Under Windows 95 or 98, this means that CProxy Server will be started automatically when Windows is loaded. Under Windows NT and 2000, installing CProxy as a service starts the program when the system is booted and also gives the program the permissions it needs to authenticate users against the NT database when the Enable Logins feature is used (see the User Profiles menu under Security for more information on Enable Login).

Remove Service
Removing the CProxy Service stops the application loading automatically when the system is booted.

Save Settings
Selecting this option will write any unsaved changes to the CProxy configuration to the registry and hard disk. You should always click Save Settings after you have updated any part of the CProxy Server configuration.

Internet Connection
The Internet Connection menu has two sub-menu items which allow you to force CProxy Server to connect to the Internet or terminate a call already in progress. To force a connection, highlight Internet Connection and select 'Connect' from the sub-menu. To terminate an Internet call,  highlight Internet Connection and select 'Disconnect' from the sub-menu. You should note that these options only affect Remote Access connections i.e. CProxy is set to use a modem, not a router or SCM.

Clicking the Exit button will terminate the CProxy Server console application and stop the application from running in the system tray. Note: If CProxy is installed and running as a service under Windows NT or 2000, a warning message will be displayed when you try to terminate the application. You should shut the program by stopping the CProxy Service through Service Control Manager in Control Panel.

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