NNTP Options

NNTP or Network News Transfer Protocol is used for the viewing of USENET Newsgroups on the Internet. To view newsgroups, you will need a news client such as Outlook Express of Free Agent.

CProxy Server: NNTP Options

Listen to Port
The number specified in this field defines the port number upon which CProxy Server will listen for NNTP requests from Newsgroup client software. The default port number is 119.

TCP/IP Timeout
The TCP/IP timeout value specifies in seconds, the period of time that CProxy will attempt to contact a remote news server. If no response is received within the defined period, CProxy will return an error to news client.

News Server
The server listed in the News Server field is the upstream news server to which CProxy will send its newsgroup requests. Contact your Internet Service Provider for the hostname of their news server.

User NNTP Authentication
Some Internet Newsgroup Servers require that you specify a username and password to access the system. If this is the case, check the box labelled Use NNTP Authentication and enter your username and password to access the system.

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