SMTP Options

The SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send email from server to server over the Internet.

CProxy Server: SMTP Options

Enable SMTP Proxy
The SMTP service is disabled by default as many Internet servers often run mail server software alongside a proxy server solution. To enable the SMTP service:

  • From the Options > Protocol Options, select SMTP Options.
  • Check the box labeled Enable SMTP Mail Proxy.

Note: This box must be unchecked if you intend to use CProxy Server alongside CMail Server to avoid port conflicts.

Local SMTP Mail Port
The value specified in this field defines the port number upon which CProxy will listen for SMTP traffic. The default value is 25.

Remote Server Name
The Remote Server Name field should contain the upstream SMTP mail server to which CProxy Server will pass its SMTP requests. This value should normally be the hostname of your Internet Service Providers mail server.

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