POP3 Options

POP3 or Post Office Protocol is used to collect Internet email from an Internet mail server.

CProxy Server: POP3 Options

Enable POP3 Service
The POP3 service is disabled by default as many Internet servers often run mail server software alongside a proxy server solution. To enable the POP3 service:

  • From the Options > Protocol Options, select POP3 Options.
  • Check the box labeled Enable POP3 Service.

Note: This box must be unchecked if you intend to use CProxy Server alongside CMail Server to avoid port conflicts.

Local POP3 Port Number
The value specified in this field defines the port number upon which CProxy will listen for POP3 traffic. The default value is 110.

Default POP3 Server
The Default POP3 Server field should contain the hostname of the server from which you collect email. In most cases, this is the POP3 mail server of your Internet Service Provider. When a user checks for email, CProxy will always attempt to connect the mail server defined here unless the username sent by the email program matches an exception in the Smart POP3 table.

Smart POP3
There may be situations where not all of the users using the proxy server collect mail from the same POP host. If this is the case, smart POP3 allows you to specify exceptions from the default mail server. To enter an exception into the smart POP3 table:

  • From the Options > Protocol Options, select POP3 Options.
  • Enter the username of the exception in the POP3 Username field.
  • Enter the hostname of the mail server from which this user will collect mail in the Remote Server.
  • Click the Add button.
  • The new entry will be listed in the Smart POP3 table.

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