Troubleshooting Index

On a day by day basis, Computalynx Support receive dozens of technical support requests via the Support Website. The most frequently asked questions and answers are outlined below. 

Q1: How do I configure CProxy Server to access the Internet through a second stage or upstream proxy server? Answer.

Q2: How do I configure Real Player G2 to use CProxy Server? Answer.

Q3: When I attempt to login, I am constantly returned to the login screen even though I am entering the correct username and password. CProxy is running on NT 4. What am I doing wrong? Answer.

Q4: I am trying to use a SOCKS5 based application like ICQ and I cannot connect to the the Remote Server? Answer.

Q5: When I access a website, I constantly get broken images or Connect Failures in the Web Browser? Answer.

Q6: I've setup CProxy Server and I can access the Internet from the server and a other workstations but when I try and access from a particular client workstation, I get a connection failure notice or the browser permanently reports it could not locate the website? Answer.

Q7: When I use CProxy with SCM, the connection is dropped after 3 minutes when I am browsing from the Server, why? Answer.

Q8: What is the default Administrator Password for CProxy Server? Answer.