Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: When I attempt to login, I am constantly returned to the login screen even though I am entering the correct username and password. CProxy is running on NT 4. What am I doing wrong?

A: When a user attempts to login to CProxy Server under Windows NT, CProxy presents the username and password pair provided by the user to the local NT Users Database and simply asks if the pair are valid. If NT approves the pair, then CProxy permits the user to login and access the Internet.

The two main causes of failed logins are incorrect user permissions and CProxy Server not being installed and running as a service.

User Permissions.
When a user authenticates against CProxy for Internet access, that user is effectively logged onto the NT Server. In order for the user to be logged onto the NT user, he or she must have the 'Log on locally' permission set against their username or be a part of a group that has this permission. If 'Log on Locally' is not set, the user will fail the CProxy login and be returned to the login screen. You can set the 'Log on locally' permission by following these steps:

  1. Select Enable Login from the Security > User Profiles menu.
  2. Click User Manager to launch User Manager for Domains.
  3. Select New Local Group from the User menu.
  4. Enter Proxy Users in the Group Name field.
  5. Add any users who will be using the proxy server to the group by clicking Add and then selecting the relevant usernames.
  6. Click OK to create the group.
  7. Close User Manager for Domains to return to CProxy Server. The User Profiles menu must be closed and re-opened to see the new group.
  8. Select the user or group to import into CProxy Server from the list under Windows NT Users and click Import to add the user.
  9. Ensure that you click the Save button to write any changes made to a user profile to disk.

NT Service Issues
In order that CProxy Server can talk to the NT Users Database, the application must be started and running as a service through Services in Control Panel. If the application needs to be stopped and restarted after the NT Server has initially booted, it must be done through Services. Closing down the application from the system tray and restarting it from the Start Menu will not give the application the required permissions and subsequently all CProxy login attempts will fail. CProxy is installed as a service initally from the File Menu.

Other Possible Issues
There are a number of other issues that could cause CProxy Logins to fail. These include:

Insufficient NT User Licenses
If you are still encountering problems and everything else appears to be in-order, ensure that you have a sufficient number of NT user licenses available to support the amount of users you are attemptin placing through the proxy server particularly if some users on the network are able to logon and others cannot. The amount of NT licenses available can be found under Licensing in Control Panel.

Invalid Characters in a username or password
Certain characters in NT usernames and passwords are not supported in CProxy Server server. These include some non-alphanumeric characters and spaces. If you encounter problems logging in with a particular user but all the other accounts on the system work correctly, try changing the username and password to alpha-number characters only and make sure that there are no spaces in an NT username or password. You should also ensure that the password field has a value and is not blank.

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