Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: I am trying to use a SOCKS5 based application like ICQ and I cannot connect to the the Remote Server?

A: SOCKS is a widely recognised method of passing through a firewall or proxy server allowing clients to open connections to remote servers on different ports not used by mainstream protocols. In order for SOCKS to work correctly, the client must be able to break down a hostname such as into an IP address which it can then connect to.

The most common problem with SOCKS applications and CProxy Server is that the client cannot break down the hostname of the server it is trying to connect to and therefore fails the connection.

To counteract this, CProxy creates a UDP portmap on port 53 from the Proxy Server to port 53 on the Internet Service Providers DNS Server (entered on the SOCKS options menu). This means that when DNS on the workstation is configured to look at the IP address of the CProxy Server machine as a primary DNS server, CProxy will take any DNS requests and forward them to the ISP's DNS server on the Internet. Once the request has been processed by the ISP's DNS server, CProxy passes the results back to workstation client on the network which can then connect to the IP address requested by the SOCKS application.

If this UDP portmap is not present for any reason - such as the IP address of the ISP's DNS server was entered on the SOCKS options menu but the settings were never saved (File > Save Settings), the DNS request from the client workstation is never acknowledged and the connection fails.

You can check if this map is actually present by looking at the Options > Protocol Options > UDP Mapper menu. If no such map is present create a new map from port 53 on the local machine to Port 53 on your ISP's primary DNS Server and click OK followed by File > Save Settings.

You should also ensure that the Authentication Type is set to NONE on the SOCKS Options menu unless the SOCKS application you are using is capable of sending username and password responses to CProxy Server.

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