Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: When I access a website, I constantly get broken images or Connect Failures in the Web Browser?

A: This problem mainly occurs on non-dedicated CProxy Servers and the biggest cause is a lack of system resources, in particular, RAM. When CProxy Server is used on a non-dedicated server, i.e. a workstation, other resident applications can use a large amount of the system resources transparently. When CProxy spawns threads to download images, the Operating System returns an Out of Buffers error message to the proxy server. This means that CProxy is unable to retrieve the requested image and therefore it appears broken in the browser. Continual Connect Failures are also indicative of this type of error.

Close down any non-critical applications including those running in the system tray (near the clock) and try again. The recommended specification for a non-dedicated server is a PII 400 with 128MB of RAM.

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