Client Software Configuration Tutorials
This section of the manual has been written to guide you through the configuration of some of the most popular Internet software for use with CProxy Server. The most up to date version of this document can be accessed from the Software Support section of the computalynx Website. These tutorials are for support purposes only, they do not represent an endorsement by Computalynx of any particular product.

FTP Clients
Bullet Proof FTP 1.15
CuteFTP 3.5
FTP Explorer 1.00.010
WS_FTP 6.05

Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 3.x
Internet Explorer 4.x
Internet Explorer 5.0/5.01
Netscape Navigator 3.x
Netscape Navigator 4.x

Messenging Software
mIRC 5.7
Mirabilis ICQ

Other Software Configuration
Email clients
News Readers

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