The Log Window (View Menu)

The Log Window in CProxy Server is designed to show you the tasks being processed by the proxy server. It will display messages about sites being accessed, content violations, authentication failures etc. Clicking 'Log Window' from the View menu will open the log window.

Each entry in the log window is preceeded by an icon which represents the severity of the event. For example, Cache Walks are informational and are represented by an information icon. Content violations are critical and are represented by a red stop sign.

The Options Menu
This menu allows you to pause the log window for further analysis or save the contents of the window to a text file.

The Events Menu
By selecting events or protocols from the Events menu, you can filter out messages that are recorded to the log window. For example, unchecking the System events means that no messages relating to system operations will be recorded to the log window.

Note: When the log window is active, CProxy Server has to record every action it performs to this window. On slow systems, this can impact the speed of the proxy server, especially if there are lots of users accessing the Internet at the same time. We recommend that the log window is only used for diagnostic purposes.

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