The Current Users Window

The Current Users Window in CProxy displays the contents of the applications license table.

When a user connects to the proxy server, their workstation IP address is recorded in the license table. Each subsequent connection is added to the license table until the number of connections equals the maximum allowed by the license. When the license table is full, further connections will be refused until a user either logs off, times-out or is removed by the administrator. (See the Log Off button description below). If the Enable Logins feature has been enabled, the username of the person occupying the license slot will be displayed in the 'Username' column.

The Refresh Button
The information contained in the current users window is not updated automatically. To get the latest information, click the 'Refresh' button.

The Logoff Button
If the number of workstations attempting to access the proxy server exceeds the number allowed by the license, the web browser will return an 'Access Denied' error message to the user and will continue to do so until a license slot is made available. License slots can be freed in a number of ways, including restarting the proxy server or a user exceeding their idle time and their idle time and being logged out automatically. The administrator may also free slots in the table by highlighting the license slot and clicking the Log Off button. The IP address or workstation highlighted will be removed from the table and other users will be able to log in.

Total Current Users
This number indicates the number of license slots that are currently in use.

Total Possible Users
Total Possible Users is the number of connections that will be accepted by the proxy server - in other words, the number of users the application is licensed for.

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