CProxy Server
S/W Version: 3.4
Doc Revision: 1.0
Welcome! This guide has been written to help you install, configure and maintain CProxy Server on your Windows 95, 98 or NT4 system. If you have just purchased CProxy Server, please take a moment to complete your warranty and registration form and return it to Computalynx to activate your six months technical support and product updates period.

Installation Topics
CProxy Server Overview
Network Configuration
Installing & Running CProxy Server
Quick Start
Main Window Overview
Remote Access Configuration
Cache Options
Registering CProxy Server

Advanced Topics
Content Control
Enabling the POP3 Service
Enabling the SMTP Service
Internet Site Control
IP Address Restrictions
Port Mapping - TCP
Port Mapping - UDP
Smart POP3
User Profiles/Logins
Virus Scanning

The Menus
The File Menu

Contacting Technical Support

Third Party Software Configuration
Third Party Software Configuration Tutorials

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